Coffe Bean Cafe

Chikmagalur's Blink and Miss Cafe.

The drive to our plantation is extraordinarily visual. As the concrete begins to fade into the background and tall silver trees take their place, nature replaces the calls of cellphones and their makes. You begin to realize you’re moving towards a fantasy world as you pull up into our driveway

Come by our coffee shop and take a seat amongst the trees
Breathe in the surroundings as you observe the fluttering butterflies, birds and bees
Watch out for flying squirrels and a peacock in the distance if you’re lucky
All the flowers in their natural setting, as you munch on your chocolate cookie
And then you’ll see it - a bit of yourself in every corner of this nookie

To try for
Cheese omelette
Chicken sandwich
Cheese and tomato omelette
Maggi (our style)

To die for
Cold coffee
Chocolate biscuits
Tomato onion sandwich

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