The dining creates an atmosphere for an inspired gathering. Community seatings allow our travellers to engage in great conversation. In Marie's delectable kitchen you will find recipe's that are a concoction of his thoughts and ingredients picked from our garden

The Specials;

Look out for our secret ingredients

Kacbumpuli in our Pandi (Pork) Curry

(Coorg vinegar or dark tart vinegar made from the GarciniaGummiGutta fruit)

Bitter Orange Rind in our Cheesecake

(taken from organically grown oranges grown in our farms)

Bella in our Nuputtu and Koli Curry

(hand pounded rice noodles and succulent chicken curry with freshly crushed bella (jaggery;) infused with aromatic spices from our plant nurseries.)

Tender bamboo shoots and fenugreek seeds in our Mangei(mango) in our Curry

(mango curry infused with bamboo shoot and fenugreek seeds)