Our Story

We have grown up living the plantation life for over six generations. Our great grandfather bought Kambi - Halli (Iron - Village) estate that today stands as 'House of Halli Berri'. Gifted to our father as his inheritance, we have grown up with a sense that this land will be ours forever.

Nalima Kariappa

"Seize the day. Live, breathe and exhale. Rejuvenate at Halli Berri."

Maanavi Kariappa

Anusha Kariappa

Tejini Kariappa

"The ETHOS of our brand is to be responsible and luxurious at the same time. We continuously strive to achieve this balance."

After my father passed on; the kariappa ladies under my mother (Nalima's) determination through many a trying times strived to build ourselves into a success story without having to sell our land. This is why this landscape has been sacred to us. It has brought us together as a family.

Born from the idea of allowing people in to experience a day in the life of a coffee planter which is nothing short of extraordinary! One that will take you back to a time that you knew once was a 'quality life.'

Halli Berri Experience