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How it started

The beginning

After my father passed on; My mother was determined to build ourselves into a success story without having to sell our lands. She and I have together worked tirelessly to create Halli Berri into what it is today. 

This is why this landscape has been sacred. We are on a mission to keep our community and village alive. Running the plantations with my sisters keeps us together as a family and building the  brand from the ground up emulates more than just business. It’s been an ’emotion’ and more! 

Our Story page
How it's going

The journey

Halli Berri is a diversified conscious living homegrown brand that has its roots deep in the jungle canopies of the western ghats in India. Today the company focuses on building par excellence produce through the natural goodness derived from the conscious responsible co existence with nature.

Our Goal is to provide boutique artisanal product that is farm fresh, sustainable, homegrown and biodiverse in nature via direct trade to benefit the plantations and farms we work with.

"Seize the day. Live, breathe and exhale. Rejuvenate at Halli Berri."

We’ve opened our doors with the idea to allow people in to experience a day in the life of a coffee planter which is nothing short of extraordinary! One that will take you back to a time that you knew once was a quality life.

so our story continues...

The journey upwards and onwards

This land is not just land to us but a place where my sisters and I have lived our best childhood moments with the birds and the bees, and every corner has a story waiting to be told. We have grown up with a sense that this land will be ours forever, that we are mere custodians of this ecological wonder!

It also helps one understand a little better what it takes to conserve defend and preserve our natural habitat; that which enables us to grow biodiverse conscious product and to create a responsible luxury bed and breakfast. Both work parallel to each other and builds the ‘bean to cup’ conscious living brand – Halli Berri. One that strives to create diversity, inclusion and empowerment  through all its systems.

Therefore the story unfolds… and you my wonder bugs are our readers!

- Tejini Kariappa Osatwal
Our Story page