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Halli Berri

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i. About

Halli berri Coffee

Halli Berri is a Single origin made in India super speciality trading unit shade grown under the canopy of Jungle trees, earth friendly biodiverse bean. In an effort to conserve the regions natural habitat Halli Berri has a strong conservation focus (a UNESCO biodiversity hotspot) to increase the awareness and support towards ‘conscious coffee’ and ‘responsible caffeinating’. Drinking boutique artisanal single estate coffee, one that is rainforest alliance and UTZ certified helps promote ‘conscious living’ in a quest to preserve our indigenous forests.  

Today we source bean from our home grown family plantations. The vision  is to onboard more women run plantations  and bring awareness and fair price to the premium produce sold and create responsible trading systems. 

ii. Producer Information

Meet The Producers

Halli Berri has over time been able to carve a niche for itself in the artisanal gourmet speciality coffees segment In India. We are still the only family owned, all women concern in the country and we are proud of being able to serve an informed coffee lover, quality bean that is conscious and responsible in its produce. 

Producer: Kariappa Family

Location: Bababudan Giri, Chickmagalur India

Elevation: 1200 masl / 3200 ft

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Nalima Kariappa

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Maanavi Kariappa

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Anusha Kariappa

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Tejini Kariappa

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Kambihalli Estate

Our great grandfather bought Kambi – Halli (Iron – Village) estate. Kambihallli estates was passed on to my father  C.P Manu Kariappa and with his early passing it was left to his wife and daughters Nalima, Maanavi,  Anusha and Tejini Kariappa. The family has grown sustainable,  shade grown, handpicked and sun-dried, specialty coffee in the Bababudan Giris (western ghats of India) since 1948 and today it is an all women concern. 

Thekamakki Estate

An ancestral estate that once belonged to our forefathers and was once  the ‘Ainmane’ for the Chendanda Family;  this plantation  is a ninth generation owned coffee estate, situated in Chembebelur, Coorg known as The Scotland of India. This is where the Kariappa ladies primarily grow their robusta cherry that is absorbed by Halli Berri Coffee. 


Our Heirloom VARIETALS

Our heirloom varietals have been certified by some of the best Q graders, coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. In the past we have proudly scored between 84 to 86 on the grade scale. Our mission is to produce quality coffee and create a niche for Indian speciality coffee in the international coffee market.

v. Process

specialty coffee process

With the urge to create new processes, fermentation techniques and experiments, we are always open to new ideas, associations and collaborations. Our Halli Berri coffee team is divided into retail, wholesale, and exports and we are all ears to hear from all you coffee lovers.

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vi. Roasting

gourmet speciality coffee

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The main goal is to create super-specialty coffee varietals through a process of experiments, innovation, and new techniques of microlots and nanolots. We strive to create a responsible and conscious crop to showcase the best of our plantation’s produce.

The classic house blend of varietals is roasted in small batches for greater complexity resulting in an elegant cup of Halli Berri coffee for caffeine drinkers at home with a natural honey-dew flavor that lingers on your palette.

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We are a speciality coffee company that focusses on

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Retail of our homegrown roasted varietals

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Wholesale of our speciality green & roasted beans

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customised green & roasted bean blends for cafes

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vii. Brand Information

What sets us apart

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visual tour

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A sneak peek into our plantation and Coffee washing process

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