Morning Glory Coffee Blend


Made to order, this 100% arabica coffee is perfect for early risers. Once the order is placed, the product will be delivered in 10 days.

Product Weight: 1000g

Roast Level


Grind Information

Whole beans

Tasting notes

Dark chocolate, honey, lemon, native spices, toasted almond, and sage



1200 masl - 3200 feet


Bababudan Giris - Chikmagalur, India




Chnadragiri and HDTx Catuai




Kambihalli Estate is situated in the Baba Budan Giris – (Western Ghats) of Southern India, a biodiversity hotspot. We continue our legacy of growing coffee for four generations since 1948. Today the estate is an all women run concern and is a diversified specialty coffee trading unit. Our estate produces shade-grown hand picked sustainably farmed conscious coffee. The coffee plants are grown under a canopy of jungle trees in harmony with the natural forest landscape. The iron rich soil in our area coupled with the high altitude and low temperatures allow our coffee cherries to mature slowly creating our unique  ‘Halli Berri’ taste. We also grow pepper, oranges, pomegranates, lychee, lime, avocado, and tamarind, that helps in enhancing the tasting notes our final product. Our conscious practices make us bird friendly as we support 86  of migratory birds on our plantation  ( As we maintain strict ecological boundaries the plantation is marked as hotspot region and we strive to keep this wonder alive by bringing artisanal produce to conscious responsible caffeinators.


We deeply care about biodiversity and the need to save our hotspot region, which is why we have the following  certifications. We comply with all social economic and environmental standards necessary. 

Rainforest alliance



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Always prepare the decoction with a minimum of 25 grams of powder. This helps in extracting the coffee well. The decoction can be stored for a day. 

25g powder on the top part of the filter. 

shake the filter so that the grinds are evenly set 

Tamp a little with very less pressure so that the grounds are levelled 

Take water of a complete boil and let the water sit for 30 seconds before pouring. 

Water to coffee is 1:4 ratio. 25g of coffee to 100grms of water. Which is one and half full heaped spoons of powder to a small chai glass full of water. 

Pour half of the water. Let the bubbles come for 10 seconds and pour the remaining water and close it with a lid. 

Decoction will drip down to the bottom chamber.


Gallery Page

Recipe 1 - Strong South Indian filter coffee

30g of decoction

60g milk

sugar to taste

Boil milk till it comes to a rolling boil. Prepare the decoction. Add the decoction to the cup, pour hot milk and enjoy. 

In a glass take coffee decoction and milk to the ratio of 1:2, one parts of coffee to two parts of milk.

Note: if its a full fat milk and milk is very thick use coffee and milk in 1:1 ratio.

Recipe 2 - Coffee mocha

1 heaped spoon of drinking chocolate powder / ganache

1 portion of coffee decoction 

2 portions of milk

sugar to taste

Mix the chocolate powder or ganache in cold milk. 

Heat the milk and chocolate mixture. 

In a glass take coffee decoction and chocolate milk to the ratio of 1:2, one parts of coffee to two parts of chocolate milk. 

Give it a nice stir and add sugar / jaggery/ sweetener syrups as required. 

Recipe 3 - Hot vanilla filter coffee 

3ml of vanilla syrup

30ml coffee decoction 

60ml milk. 

Mix decoction and hot milk and then add the vanilla syrup to the mixture.

Sugar isn’t recommended.


Recipe 1 - Vietnamese styled coffee

60g of condensed milk

40g coffee decoction

In a shaker or blender add condensed milk and coffee decoction. 

Shake it with 6-8 ice cubes or blend the ice cubes with this mixture. 

Serve chilled.

Recipe 2 - Coffee bon bon

20ml decoction

20ml condensed milk 

20 ml chocolate ganache or whipped cream

Very popular in Spain this is done in a 60ml cup or an espresso glass 

Add condensed milk to a cup 

Add coffee decoction on top of the condensed milk

Top it off with whipped cream or chocolate ganache

Recipe 3 - Affogsto

2 scoops of vanilla / chocolate ice cream

40ml coffee decoction 

Take the two scoops of vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream of your choice 

Top it off with coffee decoction. 

Subscriptions & Customised orders

We are always delighted to serve all our people who need their everyday Halli Berri brew. Fresh roasted coffee made in small batches with  southern goodness is the perfect hug in a mug for any coffee lover. 

We have put together boxes of conscious goodness for those of you who are looking for fun yet sustainable responsible products to gift. Celebrating newlyweds, corporate milestones, festivities, and more, our products are the perfect gift for any occasion. 

Do connect with us to customise your subscriptions boxes of powder or beans freshly roasted or green. We willl be happy to assist you to ensure your Rise and Grind brew has you sorted through the year with our timely delivery! 

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